About Alfa Bravo

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Alfa Bravo AB is an eHealth consultancy company, founded in 1999 by Henrik Ahlen.
Email: henrik.ahlen@alfabravo.com, phone: +46 (0)70-330 4810

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eHealth business development
Needs analysis, concept development and development process management

Competence areas

For each assignment, I work together with very competent partners in different areas.

  • eHealth: online services and mobile apps
  • Business development: market analysis, revenue models, distribution & marketing strategies.
  • Management of digital development projects from needs analysis via structured idea generation to production process and implementation support
  • Organizing ideation workshops based on Service design methods.

My experience

  • 10+ years in eHealth development
  • Entrepreneurship, from my own companies and from coaching other entrepreneurs.
  • Experienced consultant and project manager för digital development projects
  • 15 years in interactive media production such as presentations and elearning programs.
  • Background in film and TV (corporate video, TV news, feature films).

For more information about my projects and experiences, see my Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/mrhenrikahlen


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