TED translations – A milestone in multilingual online video

Crowdsourcing translations in 100+ languages

Written in 2010

The TED Open Translation Project is using volunteer translators  to translate the 400+ TED Talks into more than 40 languages. TED worked for a year on this project, extending the dotSUB translation technology.

“TED’s mission is to spread good thinking globally, and so it’s high time we began reaching out to the 4.5 billion people on the planet who don’t speak English,” says TED Curator Chris Anderson.

-We’re excited to be using a bottom-up, open-source approach that will in time allow all our talks to be translated into all the world’s languages.”

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Media industry disruption

Written in 2010

Sweden is in recession. Most companies and organisations are cutting down on their R&D and trimming external consultants. The whole media sector is experiencing disruptive changes, many of them are seeing their revenues dwindling.

I find it a bit strange that everybody in the established media sector seem to agree on:

  1. There will be big turmoil in their markets due to internet and media digitalisation.
  2. Nobody really knows what will happen or what will work in the near future.

And still they cut down on R&D!
It is as if they just hope that somebody else will come up with a working internet business model and they will be able to jump on that wagon when it starts moving and then everything will be fine again.

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