Elevator pitch checklist

Forget everything you have heard about elevator pitches, here is the real, working thing!

Your ability to present yourself and acquire new contacts is at the core of all business networking. For this you need an “elevator pitch”. Here you will find everything you need to know about creating an efficient, personal elevator pitch that really gives you results.

1. What is an elevator pitch?

The expression is derived from making contact very quickly when you meet an interesting person in an elevator. But an elevator pitch should be used in all circumstances where you get the question “What are you doing”.

A good elevator pitch should present the advantages of your offering, and open up to further conversation and contact. That is all!

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Business mingling checklist

Too few businesspeople master the very useful art of business mingling, especially Swedes. So I started to write this check list after my time in the US 1999-2000, where I attended numerous business mingling events in IT and venture capital. Since then I have sharpened the list with my experiences of what works best in Sweden and Europe.

1. Business cards

Bring a stack of business cards and a pen. Far too many people attend events without their business cards! Keep the cards within easy reach. Make sure your business card tells your story, ideally put your picture on it, since you want to be remembered.

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