Kentor + Boehringer Ingelheim Sweden

2006-2008: Kentor + Boehringer Ingelheim Sweden
Assignment: creating the Diploma elearning platform for interactive group training of medical doctors.

More information about this project and a short video commercial (also produced by Henrik Ahlen) can be found here, see also my blog post about Storytelling with video.


Henrik Ahlen developed the first version of this advanced platform in 2005. Due to its success among medical doctors around Sweden it has since then been expanded with new functions and additional patient scenarios covering more therapy areas.

Diploma learning is based on a “constructivistic learning model”  where the learner is active in creating knowledge and meaning from experience and in connecting new knowledge with prior knowledge.

This is a joint project between the IT consultants Kentor, who are responsible for the technical development, and Henrik Ahlen at Alfa Bravo who developed the overall user interace and the pedagogical structure. Henrik was also responsible for writing script templates and production plans, casting actors and directing the filming of the patient scenarios.

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