How to minimize event no-shows

At our latest TEDxStockholm event we experienced what almost all event organizers also do: a lot of people have signed up to attend just don’t arrive for the event.

We had 150 seats available and since we were met with lots of enthusiasm when we announced the event, we were worried about having to turn away many. So we clearly wrote in all invitation posts and emails that you had to apply for a seat and we would send out confirmations on the Friday before the event on Sunday, June 13.

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TEDx week in Stockholm

“Ideas worth spreading” is a concept worth spreading!

When I tell people about my interest in TED and viewing TED Talks online I get the same reactions all the time: “But what is TED?”

Then I explain that it is 5-18 minute long  talks by very inspiring people on Technology, Entertainment and Design and many other areas under the theme “Ideas worth spreading”.

But hearing this, most people inevitably ask me: “But how do you find the time to watch these talks?”

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