Book Recommendations

These books have enriched me, they are all highly recommended!

Rework, by 37Signals. This is a very inspiring book for everyone interested in entrepreneurship and management.I agree with Chris Anderson: “Part entrepreneurial handbook for the twenty-first century, part manifesto for anyone wondering how work really works in the modern age, REWORK is required reading for anyone tired of business platitudes.”

–Chris Anderson, New York Times bestselling author of THE LONG TAIL and FREE

The Medici Effect by Frans Johansson. About innovation at the intersection. Also in Swedish at Bookhouse Publishing.

Losing my virginity, by Richard Branson. A fascinating and inspiring biography by one of the word’s greatest entrepreneurs.

The Tipping Point
, by Malcolm Gladwell A bestseller about “How little things can make a big difference”

Getting Things Done
, by David Allen. The bible of productivity, simple and easy to follow.

Founders at work Stories of startup’s early days, by Jessica Livingston. “a gold mine for great stories about entrepreneurship”.

The Search: How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture, by John Battelle.

Svenska böcker (books in Swedish)

Jonas Söderström, användbarhetskonsult och författare har skrivit en bra handbok i konsten “Att skriva för webben“.

Få det gjort, svart bälte i vardagseffektivitet av David Allen. Svensk version av “Getting Things Done”.

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