The Long Tail & PVR

In October 2004 I read a very interesting article in Wired magazine: “The Long Tail“.

This concept quickly became a buzzword and a highly recommended book.

The Long Tail is pointing out new consumer patterns as Amazon and other online reatilers are offering an unlimited choice of new and old records, book and other forms of digital media. This opens up for a totally new breed of business ideas!

Some quotes:

  • Make everything available.
  • In the Long Tail economy it’s more expensive to evaluate than to release. Just do it!
  • You can compete with free.
  • Hits still matter.

I found a blog about The Long Tail, where in this posting another of my favorite topics are discussed: digital TV systems for the home enabling you to record and time-shift TV programs etc, PVR, (Personal Video Recorder).
Read the comments and you realize that this is changing the TV as a medium.

Note: I wrote this in 2005, much has happened since then, further strengthening these trends.

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