TEDx week in Stockholm

“Ideas worth spreading” is a concept worth spreading!

When I tell people about my interest in TED and viewing TED Talks online I get the same reactions all the time: “But what is TED?”

Then I explain that it is 5-18 minute long  talks by very inspiring people on Technology, Entertainment and Design and many other areas under the theme “Ideas worth spreading”.

But hearing this, most people inevitably ask me: “But how do you find the time to watch these talks?”

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Conferences Do’s and Don’ts

Updated Jan 23, 2016

Here are my accumulated experiences from many years attending and organizing small and large conferences.

Conferences have not changed their basic formats much in the last 30 years. They are still mostly about one-way communication: a speaker (too often a white male)  telling you his company’s views on things, accompanied by Powerpoint slides. Your role in the audience is to sit still and hope that the speaker will tell you something you don’t know already.
These types of events are inefficient if the goal is to communicate, inspire and create real learning. This format is also increasingly out of synch with all the other evolving forms of media in the internet age, where it is about two-way communication and the users are active participants in creating experiences together with each other and the publishers.

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