Updated Conferences Do’s and Dont’s

I love attending conferences and seminars for the inspiration it gives me to listen to interesting talks and meet other curious people of all kinds. But I am usually also frustrated that the formats and the way conferences are organized is not evolving more, I see so many ways that conferences could bring much more value to attendees, organizers and sponsors.

So I have been accumulating a lot of analysis and ideas on how to organise conferences and gathered a part of it in my post “Conferences Do’s and Don’ts“.

I have now updated and revised this post based on my latest experiences.
It is soon getting too long for a blog post, maybe I should write a book?

So please enjoy my new edition of  “Conferences Do’s and Don’ts“, all comments are welcome!

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Henrik Ahlén

I am an eHealth Strategist in Stockholm, Sweden I drive eHealth development projects from needs analysis and idea generation to service design and implementation. See my LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mrhenrikahlen