Creating impact with corporate video

Video has for many years been an important communication tool for corporations. But honestly, how exciting are most corporate videos to watch? Too many use the standard formula:

  1. An intro with the company logo, picture of the headquarter and elevator music in the background.
  2. Panning shots over all the products of the company.
  3. A deep, male voice-over that sprinkles corporate bullshit terms.
  4. The CEO in a suit and tie stumbling through an awkward sales pitch.
  5. Happy customers holding the products and smiling into the camera.

Unfortunately both video production companies and their corporate clients are used to doing this kind of corporate video. But some clients and video producers realize that video can be much more effective by using storytelling and using the power of internet.

Cre8it, a Stockholm-based video production company interviewed me and some of their corporate clients:

The impact of corporate video

Using the web for corporate videos

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