The Story of Stuff: video presentation excellence

Here is a very inspiring example of how video can be used in a very professional way to communicate a message and build public opinion:

This video is spreading around the world and has already been viewed millions of times. Click the image to see it yourself, it is well worth the 20 minutes!

I recommend viewing it for several reasons:

  1. It presents the topic in a very engaging way. The presenter, Annie Leonard, is giving a highly passionate, fast-paced overview that is greatly enhanced with simple but very effective animated visuals.
  2. The video has smart interactivity, you can mouse over the images above Annie’s head to see links to each of the five categories.
  3. The video is perfectly integrated in a web site that effectively quenches all your thirst for more information that the video has caused.
  4. It demonstrates how a well produced video creates both understanding and deep feelings in viewers. It is also a good example of how effective it is to use simplistic cartoons to explain complex issues. (For another example of this, check out this explanation of the microblogging tool Twitter.)

This video was first published in December 2007 and it is now being translated into multiple languages. It will have a long life! More info in Wikipedia.

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