Launching Internet Video Advisory Group

Corporate internet video is growing!

  1. Millions of people are watching video clips, instructional videos and TV shows on internet every day.
  2. The production costs of professional video has decreased significantly due to new, inexpensive technology.
  3. There are numerous new internet-based video distribution channels, for free or at a low cost.
  4. There are many ways for companies to use video for marketing, communication and training. Both externally and internally.

But it is now easy to follow this rapid development and knowing what is best for my company of organisation. And most voices about this in the media are connected to various supplies of technology or production companies.

So for these reasons we see a great need among corporations and organsiation for an independent group that offers continuously updated inspiration and strategic advice on internet video as a tool for marketing, communciation and training.

I am launching this together with Mattias Vahlne, he also has an extensive experience of corporate video and a large network among all sorts of suppliers.

See our web site: (in Swedish)

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Henrik Ahlén

I am an eHealth Strategist in Stockholm, Sweden I drive eHealth development projects from needs analysis and idea generation to service design and implementation. See my LinkedIn profile:

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